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Swaraj Vridhashram” is an old age home. It provides home to those senior citizens who are either abandoned or mistreated by their family members. “Swaraj” means Aazaadi and in “Swaraj Vridhashram”, every member of the family leads a tension free life.

It was established by Mrs. Manju Bhatia on 18th August, 2007 with 10 members. Around 65 persons can be accommodated comfortably into it. Since its inception, 121 elderly people have stayed here and last rites of 59 elderly persons have been performed. Today (20 Nov, 2013) the size of the family is 53 including 4 childern. All the children are going to school and all school related expenses like fees, transport, books, uniform, tutions, etc are paid by the ashram. The presence of children makes “Swaraj Vridhashram” a complete home for everyone.

It possesses a self sustainable system where each member of the family helps in running the activities of home according to his/her talents and capabilities. It runs on a charitable basis and does not get any financial help from the government. However, ration cards have been provided by the government to its residents. Initial investments for building the Vridhashram were borne by Mrs Manju Bhatia and recurring expenses are taken care of through donations.


Aim & Message

“Swaraj Vridhashram” is an effort to provide home to elderly people who are abandoned by their family members. We try to give an environment to all the members such that they can live without worrying about finances and daily chores. Handicapped or weak persons are helped in doing their day to day activities also.

Mrs. Manju Bhatia
& Chairperson

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